Tony Stark, Anakin Skywalker和Black Bolt的迷妹, Anidala and BB/Medusa forever! 拒绝Stucky, Obikin and human torch! Prequel Defense Squad, 不服来战!

X-Men: Apacolypse

Spoil Alert!!!!!!

The BEST X-Men movie I have ever seen, so intriguing, so logical, just have a little flaw which almost every movie has--ends too quickly. 

This movie brings every single of our favourite character back!!!!!

Alex and Scott Summers in p1

Professor X in p2 and p9(And he's in love with the girl that also in X-Men: The First Class, 就是那个让教授失去腿的那个.)Sorry to EC fans that this ship is broken on one side.

Magneto and his wife in p3 and p10(Sorry to EC fans that this ship is broken on BOTH sides, but the wife and child died in the movie), their lovely child in p8

Raven in p4

Storm(Yes it is she) in p5

Quick Silver (Ahhhhh! He's so awesome I love him the most and he's so handsome!) in p6

Wolverine in p7 (只是友情客串, 悲伤)

当然Beast和Jean Grey也出现了!

X-Men: How Professor X lose his hair

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